Help english speakers

Jul. 21st, 2017 05:47 pm
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I'm a french speaker, and sometimes there are expressions that I don't understand, even with the help of Google.

Can someone try to explain me what "streamline instructions" is supposed to mean in " This Corset Pattern does not come with Streamlined Instructions", please ?

More Trippy Progress

Jul. 21st, 2017 11:20 am
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My weird but efficient and effective hip exercise is working, I think. I think I didn't mention it in my last post, but I've had fairly persistent SI joint pain* for years, on my left side. I have had less pain, or at least less awareness of pain vs. awareness of the pain site, in the past few days, than in a long time. It's not like it was super crippling or anything, but I guess I got used to a certain level of discomfort and now that it's different/less I'm aware of the spot that WAS painful but ISN'T now. It's weird!

I did my exercise before and after running last night as directed and noticed also that I was SUPER wiped afterwards. To be fair, it was also quite warm and humid yesterday--the dogs were very worn out as well. But I wonder if part of my fatigue is that my body is getting used to a slightly different conformation than normal. Anything's possible I suppose.


Jul. 20th, 2017 08:22 am
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7.20.17 - I haven't been keeping up with my happiness journal very well, for a lot of reasons, but I have already had such a good morning that it deserved a post.

I always check my email first thing in the morning, otherwise the spam tends to build up. I had an email from CreditKarma that my score had gone up, which I expected to be a point or two like it's been doing, but when I check it, it was up 47 points. I nearly flipped my lid, I was so happy! I'm getting very close to getting out of the "she's financial suicide, don't give her anything!" to the "she's alright, give her a loan!" range. Which means we're another step closer to getting a house.

I also had a long talk with Dad while he was taking me to work this morning, and he ended up telling me that he was starting to understand M a lot better than he did, and that he thinks he's smart and hardworking and all around a Good Dude. This was really great to hear, since I've received so much negativity from my parents in the past few months, so it made me really happy. The big difference between my dad and M are their attitudes toward making money - my dad is a big physical labor sort of guy, so if you aren't working hard physically to make money, he sort of doesn't get what you're doing. M is very computer oriented and is actually part owner of an indy videogame company, so he's always on the computer working on new aspects of their next game. Dad has just started with a new company that is very computer based, and he said that now he's finally starting to get what M is doing all day on the computer. I think there was a big shift in how he thought about how M was spending his time (I guess he thought he was just playing around online whenever he was on the computer), and he seems to be really coming around. It was really great to hear.

(no subject)

Jul. 19th, 2017 11:44 pm
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Darn... I thought more people had made it over from LJ to here. Feels empty. Lot of missing people in my nearly empty reading list.


Jul. 17th, 2017 09:25 am
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This weekend ended up being a pretty good one, despite some initial stress. There was a sewing day with the Guild on Saturday, and since I couldn't get a ride from anyone, I ended up having to rent a car. I couldn't flake out on the event since I was supposed to be the one running it, so it was a necessary expense, even though I had to provide more documentation for renting a stupid compact Hyundai then I've had to for anything else in my entire life. (Three forms of ID, a bill in my name proving I live where I live, and two references. WTF, y'all.) Of course, only one other couple ended up coming, so it was just me, M, and the two new folks, but I did manage to get two new 18thC petticoats finished, so at least it was productive.

Since we had the car all weekend (no Sunday returns allowed), M and I ended up taking a long drive in the country on Sunday and enjoying a day to ourselves away from the house. We've been cooped up and pretty much stranded at the house ever since the Lincoln died, and it was so nice to get out and have a little bit of freedom. We drove all along FM 4, which goes through the Palo Pinto "mountains". (They're more like really ambitious hills than real mountains, but they're still pretty.) It was actually still green out, instead of the usual brown we have at this time of year, so it was really lovely.

Also, I fell off the diet wagon pretty hardcore while I was sick, so today it's back to low carbing it. Hopefully I can start losing weight again, because I stalled pretty hard after my initial week and hadn't been losing any more. Maybe the splurging will help kick it into gear.

knitting away

Jul. 16th, 2017 12:12 am
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No sewing lately, I'm frantically knitting away on Jenny-Rose's pineapple reticule to finish and get it in the mail in time to get to her for CosCol. I've reached the point of forcing myself where I think it looks abjectly dreadful and I hate it...I'm not making another pineapple for at least a few year. I need a break from them. Also I'm springing for silk.

So here's my question for people who are smart. why does instagram have an embed code function if when I do it there's never an image there? It would make it so much easier to put pictures here.

Anyway I think I did too many points, i dislike long skinnypineapples. I want them fat and round :-p 

(no subject)

Jul. 11th, 2017 08:49 am
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My whole weekend flew out the window (not that I had any achievable plans, mind you) when I came down the cold that M brought home with him the other day. Of course, he suffered some sniffles for a day and a half, but I get the full blown version where I become a useless lump that can't get out of bed. I stayed home from work yesterday and stayed in bed (finished off season six of Game of Thrones because I could), but am at work today because I thought I had run out of sick days. Joke's on me, though, because I had 22 hours of sick time saved up, but I can't go home now that I'm here because everyone I know is working until 6, so I'm stranded. Blah. Not having a car really sucks. I'll just stay huddled in my office and cough at anyone that wants me to work too hard.

Speaking of the car, it is officially dead. M hooked up the new fuel pump and reassembled everything, and it still wouldn't crank, which means it's a bigger, more expensive problem somewhere down the line, which is both beyond his ability to fix or my ability to pay for. We were looking for a cheap car to hold us over until M gets his school refund in September (we had hoped the Lincoln would make it until then, but it clearly had other plans), but finding something in our price range (under $800) that doesn't have a whole slew of major mechanical issues was proving to be impossible. Sifting through the ads was pretty amusing though. A lot of them read "great car, interior and exterior in good shape, ran great until it died horribly, but great car".

Indulged in a bit of escapism and did some "lotto shopping". Decided that if I won the jackpot, I would buy this piece of land in the next county over and build a house on one of those peaks. Probably the little knobby one in the far background so I could overlook the valley. I would throw awesome costumed parties there.


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